Interview by TV9 Gujarati on treating COVID-19 with Methylene Blue

Dr Deepak Golwalkar
12 min readJan 21, 2021

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Reporter: In entire Gujarat (state) and in India, in everyone’s mind there is only one concern and that is Corona.


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Due to Corona pandemic, people of Gujarat and India are very worried, and are trying to find a possible cure. Many researches are underway by the government, many organizations and also by many countries.


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At present we are talking to Dr. Deepak Golwalkar who is a very respected & well known TB doctor from Bhavnagar and who has been treating patients for many years.


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Prior to this, he has given very good results in T.B. patients as well. So now, when there has been an alarming daily increase and concern on the rising number of Corona patients in Bhavnagar,


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In this situation, Dr Golwalkar is administering a medicine to his patients which is said to have given very very good results in Covid-19


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Due to this result, many people in Bhavnagar who are either suspected or infected with Covid are rushing to his hospital to get relief and are getting very good results and are recovering.


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Here we have with us Dr. Deepak Golwalkar, we will talk to him about what this medicine is? And how is does it give such good result? How it effects in body? and will get all these answers from him.


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Sir, the biggest question today to people is that due to Corona, all people of Gujarat and country are suffering too much.


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At this time, the medicine that you give, what kind of effect it create?, what benefit it has? and what are its disadvantages?


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Doctor:The first thing I will say is that this medicine is not new, but is many years old. Its injections are available in the market. This medicine has been in use even prior to the Second World War.


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I have only discovered a new use of this medicine and have been using it for the last 12 years. Previously, I was using in T.B. patients and in TB patients I saw very good results. The medicine stopped fibrosis and improved T.B. patients drastically.


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So, looking at this effect of the medicine, I started using in different respiratory diseases. Now, around the time of lockdown in India, globally the number of Corona patients started rising,


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Now let’s try to understand Corona, for the first 2 days, when the virus enters our body, it first affects/stays in Nose and Throat. Once the virus numbers rise, after 2 days, it enters into the respiratory tract and through breath and after that it enters into the blood stream.


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Now, when it comes in Nose and Throat it causes inflammation. Most patients firstly come with the complaint that they lose their breath and hunger and EXTREME weakness.


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It gives more weakness than that of normal flu. In Covid, the weakness is very high compared to flu. This is one of the first symptoms. Now, after the virus reaches deeper, other symptoms like cough and fever start. Fever also comes from the start in some cases.


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As the virus progresses fever fluctuates. Then after virus reaches into the trachea, problem in breathing starts. As virus numbers rise, it reduces oxygen level in body.


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Higher than that starts damaging blood. Now, Methylene Blue works in 3 steps. Just to give some background on Methylene Blue; when we were small,we use to rub blue medicine on our boils and after that we did not need to take any antibiotics. The boils used to disappear on the third day.


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When Methylene Blue is taken orally, it works as an antiseptic. When corona enters the respiratory tract, it releases liquid and it starts blocking the respiratory tract. The liquids released by Covid is different from another the ones released by normal flu virus.


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If you get a normal flu, you get fever, sinus pains, after 3 days, you start coughing out phlegm. Here you don’t get phlegm. Here, patient gets cough without phlegm — patients feels suffocated. Here no phlegm comes out.


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In normal infected form, patient gets yellow or green phelgm but in Covid you don’t get it and after few days patient complains of trouble in breathing.


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That liquid blocks trachea up to the level where exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide get done and thereby creates difficulty in breathing and reduces the oxygen level. Then oxygen saturation goes down.


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In normal cases, when oxygen level goes down, patients panic, feel uncomfortable, has problem with breathing; but my assessment is, Covid inflames this breathing control point in the brain so it also stops working.


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So, when Covid infected patients come with an oxygen level of 51, 52, 55,etc their skin color has changed but they don’t complain about breathing, but about weakness.


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Now where Methylene Blue works? If taken in mouth sub lingually it works as an antiseptic. I prepared a quote “Half spoon below the tongue, make corona disappear forever tung”


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Now, when it is taken in mouth it works as an oral antiseptic, when taken beneath the tongue, it directly enters the bloodstream.


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You may have seen in Hindi movies that a hero who has chest pain takes a pill beneath the tongue the pain disappears. So the main purpose of putting it below the tongue is to mix it with blood quickly.


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In T.B. I have seen it doesn’t create fibrosis, that the most important property that I want to use here. In normal terms, when liquid goes in, coughing started.


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patients used to ask for coughing medicine so they get relief after extracting yellow cough, But in Covid patient has cough but no phlegm comes out.


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The Covid virus directly creates fibrosis; basically it is similar to burning the lung skin. The lung walls lose elasticity. In T.B. I saw that Methylene Blue stops and reverses fibrosis so, I started inhalation of MB for my patients, due to this I noticed that patients were cured of lung fibrosis.


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Covd leads to Alveolar Capillary blocks; meaning the centers which are responsible for the transmission of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the trachea are impacted. MB helps prevent it.


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Also, if we put it below tongue, it enters the bloodstream and removes the viruses that entered the blood. Recently I read a report from China that after treating blood with Methylene Blue; all Covid viruses were killed within 2 minutes of administration from the plasma.


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Basically, it purifies blood of the Covid Virus. Recent Italian reports mention that the virus damages blood. Methylene Blue prevents it. So Methylene Blue works at all three levels.


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1. As local antiseptic
2. If taken below the tongue/inhalation, it stops fibrosis in lungs
3. Also it prevents blockage of alveolar Capillary.

Best part is that it is a simple and very old medicine, I just have found a new use for it.


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Reporter: We will talk more with Dr.Golwalkar, but one important thing is that corona patients who are having troubles related to Lungs and Oxygen,


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at this time for them, the medicine named Methylene Blue which is very old and is effective. Golwalkar Sir has worked in the Jithri — the largest T.B.Hospital in Asia (even the world maybe) and got amazing results in T.B. which is also a lung disease


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at presents the results are good, to talk more on this, I was trying to contact Golwalkar sir from the morning and got an appointment at present in the evening because he has to check many patients


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and for him his patient is most important, so we can say his life is like a saint. Earlier also he has told and informed the government and many social activist organizations that you deliver this Methylene Blue to as many people as possible,


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I will provide it without any cost is what I(reporter) have learnt from my sources. So a person like him who is doing this kind of a job without expecting any monetary benefits


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but to solve every home’s problem of corona crisis; today when family nests are broken today in these times as per my sources it is said that more than 1000 patients


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Who had corona were successfully treated by Dr Sir with no mortality. How true it is Sir? This medicine should be taken seriously by the government


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and administrative department and if taken advise from experts like sir and use for mas people then can get results. Bhavnagar got very good results.


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Reporter: Sir, We get to know that as people got to know of the effects of MB they contacted you. Sir I know for you to treat patients is more important for you than contacting media


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but we need to pass this message throughout Gujarat, as in every home, people get stressed physically and mentally so true information should reach to people and there is no other option.


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So sir, with this medicine, which kind of efforts should be made to deliver it to the people? Or what are it’s benefits?


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Doctor: I give one simple example, when I got to know that Methylene Blue stops the Covid virus also by taking it sublingually, I delivered medicine to all my friends and relatives.


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I told them to put this medicine beneath tongue (half spoon), to put daily. They asked me how long to take it for (how many days). I told them to take it till pandemic ends.


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I myself is the guarantee of that this medicine works. If you go to a Doctor these days, he wears a PPE kit and sits at 5 feet distance. He doesn’t touch/examine the patient. You came to my clinic,


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you have never seen me wearing a PPE kit or not checking patients. I have continued to practise as usual throughout the pandemic without a PPE kit; I just put this half spoon medicine beneath my tongue after getting up.


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then after I don’t have any fear of Corona. I have given this to more than 1000 friends, preparing a list of it and no one is affected from Corona till now.


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Reporter: I will interrupt here a bit; today I went to Sir’s hospital, there was a long line of patients. I am the eye witness to see that despite many Covid patients, sir didn’t wear any PPE kit


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though he was checking Covid patients. He has been working non stop since last 4 months when pandemic started. He or his staff or his team no one has been affected from corona and the reason behind that as per him is Methylene Blue.


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Reporter: Sir, I want to ask, is there any side effect of this medicine? Or how to take it? People are very much afraid due to corona, where it can be found? Everywhere or just in Bhavnagar? How people can get it elsewhere?


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Doctor: It’s injections are available. It can be created from the solution of injection. or can be prepared from medical powder.


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0.1% w/v solution has to be prepared and 2.5 ml of this solution should be put beneath the tongue. In side effect, I have been using since many year; in T.B. since 12 years


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I treat Extreme Drug Resistant TB patients, I am not at all concerend of M.D.R and Primary patients as I can assure them of complete treatment. Even in XDR if the lungs have some capacity left, I have been able to treat them successfully using nebulized Methylene Blue.


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and in side effect, after giving nebulizer, some patients said that their nose burns for 3 hours. Some patients got greenish urine after taking sublingually. Else there is no concerning side effect that I’ve observed in 12 years.


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If you refer in books, many pages shows side effect but in last 12 year, I haven’t found any concerning side effect of this as per my dosages.


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Reporter: Sir can we take inhalation with this Methylene Blue.?


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Doctor: Nebulization is the only thing that will go into lungs and work well. For preventing Covid19 (prophylactic),put half spoon beneath tongue.


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If the virus goes to lungs and causes damage, only nebulizer will work and nebulizer and sublingal both will get good result.


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Reporter: We got to know that Russia has a joint research and they approached you for it. What’s it all about?


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Doctor: As my paper got viral, one Russian laboratory scientists’ read it and trialed it on 50 corona patients and got very good results.


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And now in this research they approached me to join and I replied in positive collaborate with them.


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Reporter: Biggest positive thing for Bhavnagar and Gujarat is that Russian scientists recognized this noble spirit of Doctor.


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then the people who sit in Gujarat and are responsible ones ought to take note of Methylene Blue because it is an honor that


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Russia also is aware about this Dr Golwalkar’s Methylene Blue innovation and they got very good results in their trials and the government also contacted him and involved him in their research.


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Reporter: Sir, for those who are watching this, people from Baroda, Surat and elsewhere, what should be done to make it easily available?


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Should we take any doctor’s advice? In which kind of symptoms, Methylene Blue can be taken?


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Doctor: Now, in cases, firstly smell and taste go off. Patients get too much weakness (thats one very important sign of Covid). If a patient he can’t even get up. Respiratory issues are at a later stage. Cough, fever are other symptoms.


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for people I say all we have to do is enforce 10 days wherein everyone take Methylene Blue sublingually beneth their tongue. Within 10 days you’ll get very good results across the city.


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In just 10 days it is a very good solution of breaking lockdown and infection chain. When I get a Covid patient I just check patients whether he is having 94–95% oxygen saturation,


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I give them Methylene Blue, give standard medicine and give nebulizer and check oximeter and I don’t even admit patient having oxygen level nearby 94%.


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If he takes 3 days nebuliztion of Methylene Blue and take standard medicine, they will surely recover. Daily I get 20 to 30 patients, I haven’t lost any patient.


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Reporter: Do you have any idea what should be done by the government and responsible authorities to deliver Methylene Blue to the maximum people and get results because people are very much frustrated due to corona?


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Doctor: Only one solution is to provide 0.1% Methylene Blue solution to all and advice everyone to take half spoon beneath tongue, your problem gets solved.


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that’s why I said, “Half spoon below the tongue, makes corona disappear.”I can provide it to my circle but the mass population can be reached by the government only.


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Once they accept and give acceptance to it will be very easy. I read a report that 22 patients from KEM hospital who said to have cured of Corona but


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after corona, they have respiratory problems and for that they again had to get admitted as they had fibrosis. Lung fibrosis can only be cured with Methylene Blue nebulization — there is no other way to cure it. To prevent lung damage in first place you should give Methylene Blue beneath the tongue from start itself.


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Reporter: Here we have on table of Doctor sir Methylene Blue bottle, I will show you in injection. This bottle is prepared solution of Methylene Blue.


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and it has given very good results.Dr. Deepak Golwalkar sir. He has talked very well here with proven result


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“Half spoon below tongue, makes corona disappear.” which is very true and the proof is that sir don’t wear PPE kit and cured many suspected or infected patients of Corona in Bhavnagar.


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He has his own clinic he don’t have time to give proof in government. His biggest religion is to treat the patient who comes to him. Through the platform of TV9,


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I hope to share this to the maximum people so they get benefited and government should take this seriously, experts should study it,


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Doctor Golwalkar is a very helpful person and people will join to support him. But by the government must make an effort to study this cost effective treatment and support it; only then can Methylene Blue can be in reach of mass people.


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If necessary, this can be checked from all angles but results are coming, that is a fact.Many people get recovered in Bhavnagar city.


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so, people of Bhavnagar and nearby use Methylene Blue recommended by doctor Deepak Golwalkar and are getting good results.


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In the coming days, if the government takes this seriously, its results can be very good.

Ajit Gadhvi. TV9, Bhavnagar



Dr Deepak Golwalkar

Pulmonologist, practicing since 42 years. Pioneer in using Methylene Blue in Nebulised form for lung diseases (since 2001)