Dr Golwalkars Methylene Blue dosage for Patients & for Prophylaxis

Dr Deepak Golwalkar
2 min readJul 30, 2020

Many people have written asking for the dosage for MB(Methylene Blue) with nebulizer — so creating this post to help everyone in this time of need.

NOTE : Methylene Blue is very toxic in incorrect dosage and should only be taken under the supervision of a medical professional.

Methylene Blue and Covid-19


MB shows best results when used as a prophylactic and in the early stages of the disease (when spO2 is above 92–93%). In severe cases its administration as an add on therapy significantly improves final outcomes.

Dosage for Prophylaxis

MB shows best results as a prophylactic & should be considered as the primary line of administration in the general unaffected population.

  • Sublingual administration of 0.1% concentration daily (till the pandemic lasts) — swallow what is not absorbed in approx. 30 seconds

Dosage for Patients

In affected patients in their early stage of the disease (spO2 more than 92%); Nebulized MB is a supportive line of treatment and has shown to improve the final clinical outcome.

  • One ampule of Dexona + one ampule Duolin in nebulized form BD
  • MB in nebulzed form 0.1% of BD (NOT to be mixed with Dexona + Duolin)
  • Post recovery, continue to administer MB Nebulizer OD till 6 minute walk test is normal

Side Effects

  • As MB has a strong blue color, the face will show blue coloration on Nebulization which is temporary
  • MB has a bitter taste so some patients may complain of the same
  • Some patients report a bluish green tinge in their urine
  • Some patients may complain about irritation in the nose, nausea post nebulized administration
  • In some cases patients will complain of irritation in the nose post nebulization

Important Notes

  • Methylene Blue is toxic in incorrect dosages so please do not self administer it (it should only be administered by a certified medical practitioner); dosage should be only as directed
  • Methylene Blue must not be administered to pregnant or lactating mothers (it can be harmful to the fetus; data for feeding mothers is not available)
  • Methylene Blue should not be administered who have known reported hypersensitivity to MB, G6PD deficiency, cronic/acute liver dysfunction, cyanide poisoning or severe renal impairment
  • Methylene Blue should not be administered to children below 12 years of age (insufficient data available)
  • Methylene Blue is an add on therapy to conventional line of treatment
  • Only IP or USP grade Methylene Blue to be used

Reactions with other medicines

Reaction of Methylene Blue with other medicines


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